August Roads


CCllr Leach thanked the PKC councillors for advising him of forthcoming roadworks in the village. Linden Park Road is due to be resurfaced in the 2019/20 programme.

Drainage works are planned at Mawcarse and Arlary in October of this year. 

Traffic and pedestrian surveys will start at the end of next month.

A vehicle-activated speed sign is due to be installed in Stirling Road in October, which will be the fifth in the village, and there are plans to install another one in South Street.

A member of the public expressed concerns that the vehicle-activated sign in Burleigh Road was not always having the desired effect. PKCllr Robertson will ask for speed checks to be carried out both in Burleigh Road and Stirling Road and will report back to the next meeting.

Church Street: PKCllr Robertson advised that the only effective solution to the problem of parking on the single white line was to introduce double yellow lines. At present, police can move vehicles if they are causing an obstruction but traffic wardens cannot book vehicles parked on the white line. He will ask for the measure to be included in PKC’s programme of works.

Back Loan: CCllr Lawson reported that he had received a reply from PKC regarding parking next to the Town Hall. The transport department does not envisage any road safety issues or a need to extend waiting restrictions but will monitor Back Loan for any parking or road safety issues that may arise.

Bridgefauld Road: PKCllr Robertson advised that the council was investigating possible alternatives to the speed bumps in Bridgefauld Road. He has also reported the large pothole near the entrance to the nursery and expected it to be fixed soon.

Zebra crossings: PKCllr Purves will follow up the possibility of raised zebra crossings being installed in Stirling Road, South Street and New Road.

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