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From Cllr Callum Purves

At the full council meeting on Wednesday, the Council approved LDP2 without the inclusion of any additional sites in line with the positions of both ward councillors and the community councils.

There were, however, two amendments to the proposed plan:

The first amendment, which I helped to draft, was proposed my colleague Councillor Colin Stewart and seconded by Councillor Barnacle and concerned site density ranges. The Council had previously decided to replace the indicative numbers for housing sites that feature in the first plan with a housing density range. This would allow some flexibility if market conditions were to change over time but the upper bound of the range would serve as a maximum. This was to address the concerns from local residents that applications for housing had repeatedly been approved significantly over and above the numbers in the plan. Following the public consultation, however, officers indicated that this would not be enforceable given the proposed policy wording and that developers could exceed the maximum if they could provide a justification.

The amendment by Councillors Stewart and Barnacle sought to strengthen this policy by asking the Reporter to reword it to remove provision for exceptional circumstances and change the presumption to refusal for any application that exceeded the upper bound of the range. It was not about being ‘anti-development’ but rather to provide reassurance to communities that what is set out in the plan is what is delivered and that local infrastructure will be able to cope with new developments. This amendment was passed overwhelming by 33 votes to 5 with support from all four Kinross-shire ward councillors, from councillors from all twelve wards across Perth & Kinross, and from councillors from every political party. You can read more about it here:

The second amendment was proposed by me and seconded by Councillor Watters. It asked the Reporter to reword settlement descriptions for a number of villages in Kinross-shire to ensure that there was due consideration of the route action plans, where applicable, and the need for traffic mitigation when any future developments on or near A977, the B9097 and the A911 are being considered for approval. The amendment also requested the inclusion of a paragraph that asked for consideration to be given to the effects that developments outwith Perth & Kinross, such as the Westfield site in Fife, have on our own road network, which may change the requirements for traffic mitigation on roads in Kinross-shire. This amendment was approved unanimously.

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