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Everyone is welcome to join us at our monthly meetings.

The agenda will be published about a week before the meeting.  It will be published on the community notice board, on Facebook and on our website.

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7.30pm at Milnathort Town Hall

MILNATHORT COMMUNITY COUNCIL minutes of the meeting held on August 9, 2018, in Milnathort Town Hall


In attendance:- CCllr Craig Williams (chairman); CCllr Caroline Flory (secretary/vice-chairman); CCllrs Matthew Leach and Campbell Lawson; PKCllrs Willie Robertson and Callum Purves; minute-taker Elizabeth Rougvie and approximately 39 members of the public. Also in attendance were PCs Victoria Sievert and Jim Pentley from Perth, who were there to observe proceedings. Apologies were received from CCllr Elyse Kirkham (treasurer) and PKCllrs Mike Barnacle and Richard Watters.
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by CCllr Flory and seconded by CCllr Leach.
Matters arising:- 
Vandalism: The person responsible for vandalism to Milnathort in Bloom displays had been identified via CCTV. The damage has now been paid for and the person has undertaken some voluntary work for the group. PKCllr Robertson has reported the sign at Mayfield Gardens that was broken during a disturbance in June and it is to be repaired at a cost of £180. Following discussion, it was agreed that both matters had been dealt with effectively by the police.
Core path at The Stackyard: PKCllr Purves said that flooding officers had met with residents and given them advice on how to protect their properties.
Roads maintenance: PKCllr Purves has forwarded a list of roadworks to be completed in Milnathort.
Wester Loan flats: A site visit is planned to investigate the bright exterior lights on the new development, which may constitute an environmental health issue for neighbouring residents.
CCllr Leach thanked the PKC councillors for advising him of forthcoming roadworks in the village. Linden Park Road is due to be resurfaced in the 2019/20 programme.
Drainage works are planned at Mawcarse and Arlary in October of this year. 
Traffic and pedestrian surveys will start at the end of next month.
A vehicle-activated speed sign is due to be installed in Stirling Road in October, which will be the fifth in the village, and there are plans to install another one in South Street.
A member of the public expressed concerns that the vehicle-activated sign in Burleigh Road was not always having the desired effect. PKCllr Robertson will ask for speed checks to be carried out both in Burleigh Road and Stirling Road and will report back to the next meeting.
Church Street: PKCllr Robertson advised that the only effective solution to the problem of parking on the single white line was to introduce double yellow lines. At present, police can move vehicles if they are causing an obstruction but traffic wardens cannot book vehicles parked on the white line. He will ask for the measure to be included in PKC’s programme of works.
Back Loan: CCllr Lawson reported that he had received a reply from PKC regarding parking next to the Town Hall. The transport department does not envisage any road safety issues or a need to extend waiting restrictions but will monitor Back Loan for any parking or road safety issues that may arise.
Bridgefauld Road: PKCllr Robertson advised that the council was investigating possible alternatives to the speed bumps in Bridgefauld Road. He has also reported the large pothole near the entrance to the nursery and expected it to be fixed soon.
Zebra crossings: PKCllr Purves will follow up the possibility of raised zebra crossings being installed in Stirling Road, South Street and New Road.

Planning matters:-

Planning matters:-
Applications submitted: 
Siting of three storage containers in yard in Stirling Road.
Alterations to house at 26 Linden Park Road.
Extension to house at 80 South Street.

Applications approved: 
Erection of a house on land 30m south east of 40 Viewfar Road.
Develop land without complying with Conditions 1 and 2 of previous planning permission at Pitdownies Farm, Manse Road. 
Comments/questions from the floor:-
Road safety: A member of the public expressed concerns about parked cars at the crossroads where Old Perth Road meets Victoria Road. Following discussion, it was agreed that PKCllr Robertson would request double yellow lines. He will also request that the council asks the householder to cut back a hedge that is compromising drivers’ visibility.
Health and well-being: A member of the public expressed concerns about what she felt was a lack of support for people in the community with mental health issues. Following a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the PKCouncillors will meet with her personally.
Static caravan: CCllr Williams confirmed that steps had been taken to prevent a static caravan being sited in the community orchard, which had been created at a cost of £6500 thanks to fund-raising efforts. He defended his action in posting an-email from the caravan’s owner on Facebook, saying he felt it was his duty to let the community know what was going on.
Pitdownies plan: PKCllr Robertson said that he had raised concerns about the volume of traffic in Wester Loan that would result from a housing development at the Pitdownies. The matter would also be discussed at a meeting of the newly-reformed Kinross-shire Forum on August 13.
Burleigh Castle path: PKCllr Robertson advised that the first phase of work to clear the path had been carried out by a community service team, with the second phase to be completed shortly.   
Councillors’ reports:-
PKCllr Purves: PKCllr Watters has asked the council to look at a number of ‘pinch points’ in Milnathort and Kinross that are likely to arise as a result of new developments. PKC has until the end of August to comment on LDP2, the development plan for Perth and Kinross, and will consult all CCs in Kinross-shire.
A separate Kinross-shire committee on PKC was being considered amid concerns that the council was too ‘Perth-centric’.
PKCllr Robertson expressed his gratitude to the large number of people who had attended the meeting.

Date of next meeting:-
The next meeting of Milnathort Community Council will be held on Thursday, September 13 at 7.30pm in Milnathort Town Hall. Members of the public are invited to attend. There are currently three vacancies on the CC should anyone wish to apply.    

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